• Human beings are bioelectrical systems and we become charged by electric fields that are generated by anything electric -- including by the wiring inside of a homes walls, by fixtures, electrical outlets, cords and appliances.

  • Most electrical items, even if in the “off” mode will emit an electric field. For this reason, simply turning everything off is inadequate.

  • The live wiring in your home's walls emits an electrical field that charges your body. Unplugging electrical cords/items does not address this issue. The power to the room must be disconnected for a real, effective solution

  • Leaving the comfort of your bedroom and heading out to the main panel to “throw circuit breakers” at bedtime and then again in the morning is one mitigation strategy; however, experience shows that despite the best intentions, people frequently forget and tire quickly of this routine.

  • As well, the breakers in your main panel were not built to be frequently used switches and may malfunction over time, possibly representing a hazard, if used in this manner.


  • EMFs cannot be detected consciously by any of our senses: it is easy and convenient to think that they do not exist and that there is no potential harm in our precious modern conveniences and technology. However, there is a growing consensus that an increasing number of people are adversely affected, from insomnia to possibly cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, by the ever-increasing levels of EMF that we are exposed to on a daily basis. There are literally thousands of studies outlining the effects of EMF with some resources listed here.

  • Intentionally limiting your daytime exposure to EMF is difficult and at times impossible.


  • The solution lies in controlling your nighttime environment! Moreover, nighttime mitigation is not only more practical, but likely more important: sleep is your body's regeneration and detoxification time and nnEMF is particularly antagonistic to healthy sleep!

  • With the EMF Kill Switch, from the comfort of your bedroom, you can remotely turn off and on your selected circuits. In homes where we have installed the The EMF Kill Switch, we usually see body voltage levels correct to native background levels -- typically decreasing by a factor of 30 to 100 fold!

  • The EMF Kill Switch is your effective , practical solution that seamlessly integrates in your bedtime routine.