What Are EMFs?

Human beings are exposed to both native (natural) and non-native (man-made) energy sources known as EMFs--electromagnetic fields or forces.  The natural ones include such things as the earth's Schumann resonance, sunlight and cosmic radiation.   All man-made EMFs are dramatically increasing:  wherever possible it is best to limit or reduce exposure.  The entire spectrum of energy is referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum as shown in the diagram below.  

The electromagnetic spectrum



Mitigating EMF exposure basically comes down to several strategies: measuring with the appropriate meter to accurately assess the environment, avoidance or elimination, limiting exposure time, distance and shielding.  Categories of EMF with some basic recommendations are outlined below:

ELF /VLF:  Extremely low frequency and Very low frequency EMFs are basically the “corded” EMF category and include electrical wiring, all electronics, appliances, computers, etc.  Measuring these fields utilizes a body voltage meter outlined here, and acceptable levels are here.  The EMF Kill Switch effectively addresses limiting this category.

MF:  Magnetic fields are a type of EMF typically generated in conjunction with the ELF/ VLF fields whenever electricity is flowing through a wire or path.  If you use The EMF Kill Switch, this will most likely be addressed.  However, it is a good idea to test your home with a gauss meter as there can be sources distant from your bedroom that would need remediation.  This would typically be external power sources requiring shielding or faulty home wiring.  

RF:  Radio frequency fields include cell phone, radio and microwave energies. Sources include anything wireless from cell phones, to blue tooth, to smart meters and appliances, to cordless phones, to baby monitors, to wifi.....  Avoiding/limiting usage indoors as much as possible is primary.  Blocking sources from outside your home is more involved: options include shielding paints, fabrics and even the construction of a faraday cage.  The EMF Kill Switch should be used in conjunction with most shielding solutions.  The meter used to assess RF fields is an RF meter.