EMF Kill Switch

EMF Kill Switch

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See our Which Model? page for help in selecting your correctly sized unit

In general:

6 circuits — small to medium home; depending upon targeted or holistic approach

12 circuits — medium to large home; depending upon targeted or holistic approach


  • Body Voltage Kit — 50% off when purchased with a unit; use to evaluate your home and then give to family or friends for them to do the same…

  • Number of Circuits Controlled is same as number of circuit breakers switched.

  • Product typically ships 1-4 business days after ordering.

  • If you are in a rush to get our product, please call and inquire about our availability before ordering. Expedited shipping is available.

Number of Circuits Controlled:
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  • Each unit comes with 2 remote control FOBs, standard antenna and pre-wired pigtail.

  • Zones: The 6 circuit unit is zonable into 2 zones of 3 circuits each. The 12 circuit unit is zonable into 2 zones of 6 circuits each. The customer can elect to use the zoning capacity with the slide of a small switch in our product.

  • Additional Zoning Capacity: It is also possible (for an additional fee of $90) to have the 12 circuit unit  set up so that there are 4 zones of 3 circuits each -- corresponding to buttons A,B,C,D on the FOB.  This is a factory set option and not changeable by the consumer. Payment for this option if desired is found in our Custom Products /Other Payments Store Item.

  • Easily installed, easily removed should you move to a new home.

  • Requires electrician installation. Electrician mounts enclosure and connects wires from the pre-wired pigtail to wires inside your main electrical panel. He/she is not required to do anything inside of our enclosure.

  • UL safety certified product. NEC compliant.

  • May be exchanged if different size unit desired.*

  • Enclosure Types:

    • Surface Mount — projects out about 4 inches from wall surface; hinged door; pre-wired pigtail enclosed in 19” conduit.

    • Flush Mount — flush with wall (mounted between studs); screw on cover plate with 1” flange; pre-wired pigtail NOT enclosed in conduit (often not used in in-wall connection with main panel).

    • Outdoor — R3 outdoor weatherproof enclosure; lift off lid; pre-wired pigtail enclosed in 19” conduit.

  • CUSTOM PRODUCTS: We are an electrical panel shop and have the capacity to create most any custom switch to fit your needs including large numbers of circuits, unique zoning combinations and hi-voltage capacity. Inquire.


  • *Allowed if returned in new condition. Customer pays return shipping and $30 restocking fee. Custom products are not returnable.