As people living in a modern technological world, we are exposed to many energy frequencies that mankind historically never dealt with.  The research data indicates that all man-made, non-ionizing radiation (wired and wireless sources) is harming our physiology similarly and that the effects are cumulative.   It is thus important to limit any exposure when and wherever possible: sleep sanctuaries are becoming more and more imperative.

A thorough assessment of the environment involves looking at electric, magnetic and RF (wireless) fields .  Our product addresses electric fields.  

If you can afford it, it is extremely helpful to hire an EMF mitigation expert to assist in the evaluation and mitigation of your home.  If you suspect that your home may have significant external magnetic field exposure (power substation or large overhead power lines are the most likely sources) this is especially imperative as those fields are often very difficult to mitigate and you may want to consider moving before investing in other remediation efforts.

In general, the following is a very good approach to creating your sleep sanctuary:   


Prioritized by effectiveness, ease and expense.
1. Eliminate electric fields from wiring in bedroom walls with a remote cut-off switch.
2. Address WiFi:
- - - Easy: turn off WiFi at night (WiFi is essentially a cell tower in your house!)
- - - Advanced: eliminate WiFi in home (hardwire home with ethernet cable)
3. Cell phones off or shielded at night.
4. Address smart meter:
- - - Preferred: opt out
- - - Optional: shield
5. Turn off or eliminate other wireless radiation in home including monitors, DECT phones, gaming consoles, bluetooth devices, anything smart...
Experienced Building Biology experts strongly feel that the above mitigation is all that is necessary more than 90% of the time. They have repeatedly told us that people often focus on sources of EMF external to the home, when it is the internal sources that are most intense and problematic. Time and time again, they report improvements in their clients health with the above measures.


6. If there is EMF hypersensitivity or significant illness, one may consider shielding solutions. A reflective RF canopy/ bedding paired with our EMF Kill Switch product is a logical solution for both electric and wireless fields. There are also paint shielding solutions available.