The pre-wired pigtail has wires that will connect with items in your main electrical panel. They are labeled and are as follows:   CB wires are to be attached to the Circuit Breakers; BC wires are to be attached to the home's Branch Circuits. This installation is very straightforward but should be performed by a licensed  home electrician.  Once the panel is mounted and the pigtail connected, the process should take less than one hour.  Refer to our Installation Instructions (PDF) for more detail and specific instructions on zoning.


Step #1:  Mount the EMFKS unit on the wall and secure the pigtail to the main electrical panel. 


Step #2:  Label your selected circuit breakers.  Identify each circuit breaker's connected branch circuit home line.

Disconnect the branch circuit home lines from their circuit breakers (not shown).


Step #3:  Attach the CB-1 wire from EMFKS unit to your #1 circuit breaker.

circuit 1.JPG

Step #4:  Connect the BC-1 wire from the EMFKS unit to your  #1 branch circuit home line.


Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all of your identified circuit breakers and their associated branch circuit home lines.

circuit 1 1.JPG

Step #5:  Attach the power wire from the EMFKS unit to a 15 or 20 amp breaker.

Power to unit.jpg

Step #6:  Attach the neutral (white) and the ground (green) wires from the EMFKS unit to their standard main panel connection points.

inststalled finished arros both 1 copy.jpg

Step #7:  Select control and zone options with designated switches in the EMFKS unit.







Attach low voltage wire (customer supplied) to connection nuts if hardwired control option is desired.

Interface board settings.jpg
Installed hardwired copy.jpg

Step #8:  Finished install.

EMF pic 1 copy 1.jpg

Step #9:  Velcro the remote nearby your bed for accessability and ease of use.

Installed bed remote 2.JPG