How Does The EMF Kill Switch Work?

The EMF Kill Switch is an accessory electrical control panel that interfaces with your main electrical panel so that you can remotely turn off the electrical circuits in the walls surrounding your sleeping area.

In creating an EMF free bedroom, the homeowner will first need to determine which of the home's branch circuits need to be switched off. Most people do not want or need to turn off all of their home's electricity -- just that which surrounds the bedroom and is emitting unnatural electric fields.  See our Which Model? page for more on mitigation approaches.

The EMF Kill Switch (EMFKS) is an small sub-panel that is mounted next to the main electrical control panel of the home, typically in the garage or basement.   The installation is not difficult but should be done by a qualified electrician (typically 1-2 hours time max).

With our product, it is important to note that all the breakers in your main panel remain "ON".   The switching occurs in our unit with electrical components, unlike most breakers, that were designed to safely turn off and on multiple times per day.

The EMFKS unit is controlled by either a hard wired line and switch (run from the panel to the bedroom) or remotely by a radio frequency (RF) device.  In either case-- from the convenience of your bedroom, a button is simply pushed once you decide that electricity is no longer needed for the evening.   In the morning, electricity is restored with another simple push of a button.

The EMF Kill Switch is your effective and painless solution!