• Q: Can we leave the AC and/or heat on with the EMF Kill Switch?

    A: The whole idea here is to selectively turn off some power/circuits -- otherwise we would just "kill" the whole house....

    Typically, the power to the heating and cooling systems is remote from sleeping areas and does not "add" voltage to those areas....  but if nearby, testing would be needed.

  • Q: If everything is turned off and I get in bed and hit the EMF Kill Switch button, how can I be sure that the power has been disconnected?

    A: Good Question. We recommend that you use night lights that come on when the room is dark. When you see those go off, then you know that you effectively hit the button and killed the power. We use red night lights that do not disrupt melatonin/circadian rhythm: if you have to get up in the middle of the night, just hit the EMF Kill Switch button and you will have red lighting to assist you.

  • Q: Do we turn off all of the electricity in the house?

    A: No, just selected circuits. Look at the Which Model? page for different approaches to deciding just how much of your home’s power you want and need to disable.

  • Q: How much of an EMF signal does the FOB put out?

    A: It is a momentary pulse (less than 1/2 a second) just like your garage door opener or car door opener FOBs. In the world of EMF exposure, it is very minimal.

  • Q: What is the difference between a surface mount and flush mount and outdoor box/enclosure?

    A: The surface mount will be on top of your finished wall (like hanging a picture on the wall) and will project out about 4 inches from the wall surface. The flush mount is attached behind the finished wall surface (between the studs) and when the cover is on will be flush (even) with the finished wall surface.

    Typically flush mount may be installed in new construction before sheetrock is installed or in very finished areas. The surface mount is typically acceptable in garages , basements or other out-of-the-way areas. Any outdoor installation requires our outdoor rated box by code.

  • Q: What does UL listed product mean?

    A: UL (Underwriter Laboratories) is the main 3rd party safety certifying organization in the US. It means that our assembled product has been inspected, undergone evaluation including possibly testing and certified as safe for your home. To maintain our UL licensure we must use only UL approved parts, undergo regular inspections of our products and attend educational programs. Other companies may advertise UL listed parts; but that is vastly different than a UL approved product. Per the NEC (National Electrical Code), assembled products must be 3rd party approved for electrician installation in your home.

  • Q: Is it possible to have a few zones/modes of control linked to the key FOB.... for example a ‘day time’ mode which has somethings turned off.... (for example the playroom) and a night mode (which has nearly all things turned off)?

    A: Yes. The 6  and 12 circuit units can be zoned into 2 zones each. (The purchaser just needs to slide a little switch in our unit to accomplish this.) The 6 circuit unit would then have 2 zones of  3 circuits each and the 12circuit unit would have 2 zones of 6 circuits each.  In both of these cases, the FOB buttons A and B would correspond to the 2 different zones.
    It is also possible (for an additional fee of $90) to have the 12 unit  set up so that there are 4 zones of 3 circuits each -- corresponding to buttons A,B,C,D on FOB.  This is a factory set option and not changeable by the purchaser.

  • Q: Any suggestions on what to do when a fan, night light or noise machine is used in a room at night? My daughters use both a fan and a light and I’m just wondering about the best way to supply those things without power to the room. We live in Arizona and the summers get pretty intense so we need some options to help keep cool.

    A. You have a couple of options:

    1.  Have the electrician run a shielded power line (encased in metal)  to an outlet that is as far from the bed as possible (at least 6 feet).  It should be wired to a circuit that is NOT integrated with your EMF Kill Switch.  You can then use this to power a fan, humidifier....  The shielded line will not emit any electric or magnetic fields but the electrical item (fan motor, etc...) will produce an EMF field.  Typically those EMFs from items at least 6 feet from the bed do not increase body voltage on the bed, but testing is recommended.  It can also be helpful to replace the cord of the item with a shielded cord (purchase online).

    2.  Use battery powered items.  Battery technology is rapidly advancing and there are power packs the size of a book that have 110 V AC capability.  (They have inverters which produce EMFs and testing is again recommended). Smaller items like battery night lights are common and your phone (in airplane mode) makes a good white noise machine.  Regular batteries produce no significant EMFs.