Body voltage testing is the method whereby the direct effect of electrical fields on the human body is measured.  It is the most sensitive and accurate way to measure the impact of AC electric fields.

You will need an electrical meter and a few cords and adaptors for this process.   We suggest you purchase our body voltage meter kit.  If you choose otherwise, be certain that your meter is "true RMS" as your voltages will be significantly different if not and "true RMS" is the standard per Building Biology Guidelines.  It is also handy to have an auto-ranging meter that will read both volts and millivolts without manual adjustments.

This process may seem intimidating but it is easier than you think and once done, your nightly bedroom EMF mitigation is painless and quick!

Body Voltage Testing Method

1.  First and foremost:  Test the wall outlet that you are going to use as the grounding source with the supplied outlet tester.  If the tester reads anything other than the correct and safe sequence , DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE PROCESS.

2.  Plug the ground cord with the attached outlet connector into the meter's ground connection point (COM).  Plug the testing cord with the attached copper handle into the meter's input connection point ( the “plug” that includes the “V” symbol).

unnamed (5).jpg

3.  Plug the ground cord outlet connector into the electrical outlet (tested as safe and correctly wired as confirmed in step 1) in the bedroom that is being evaluated.

smart plug 2.jpg

4.  Turn the meter on  to the “V” setting that has the sine wave designation. See the back of your meter for instructions to other possible setting adjustments if required.

setting meter 1.jpg

5.  The testing person should sit on the bed and firmly grasp the copper handle.  Other people should remain at least a few feet away. The meter and a worksheet should be nearby for reading and recording voltages.

 Note : the meter has a button that  lights the indicator panel for working in the dark or depending upon your meter, may make the adjustment automatically.

 Note : the meter will report values in volts or millivolts accordingly (there is no need to change scales as the meter does this automatically).

Note that 1 Volt (V) = 1000 millivolts (mV).






Body voltage testing (pdf)

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bedroom emf mitigation using the body voltage testing method


1.  Identify and label the circuit breakers in the home's main electrical panel for the room in question as well as all adjacent rooms.  For our master bedroom, our circuits to be evaluated included ones for: the master bedroom itself, the nearby bathroom (2 circuits), the adjacent den, adjacent hallway and closet.

2.  Turn "OFF"  the main electrical breaker to your home (cut all power) and record your body voltage in the selected room per the method above.  Your value should be less than 100 millivolts and ideally as low as possible per Building Biology guidelines.  See our Acceptable Levels page for more information.

3.  Determine which circuits need to be turned off to reach your goal voltage using the body voltage testing method from above:  This is trial and error and works best with 2 people -- one at the main electrical panel shutting off different combinations of circuit breakers and the other in the bedroom recording voltages on a worksheet.  (Use cell phone or walkie-talkie to communicate.)  

  • Start with the main "ON" and all of your individual circuits "OFF".

  • Next switch "ON" your "must haves" -- heating, cooling, refrigeration, security, sump pump... Confirm body voltage is still ideal.

  • Next switch "ON" circuits remote from your bedroom. Confirm body voltage is still ideal.

  • Sequentially test circuits nearer your sleeping area, identifying those that negatively affect body voltage.

  • For a Targeted Approach: Determine the minimal number and combination of circuits to reach a mitigated body voltage. You may need to use all or some of the circuits identified in step 1. For us, we needed to limit current in 4 of the 6 evaluated circuits.

  • For a Holistic Approach: You will undoubtedly leave on only circuits remote from your sleeping areas.

4.  The body voltage testing process  can be very helpful when there are challenges to the mitigation:  sometimes wiring layout does not match room layout and unidentified circuits may transit a room's walls on their way to a remote appliance or area.   Using the body voltage testing method can help you identify circuits and mitigate appropriately in those situations.

5.  These identified circuits are the ones that will interface with the EMF Kill Switch to easily and remotely mitigate your sleeping area every night!

bedroom mitigation (PDF)

body voltage worksheet (pdf)