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Man-made (nn or non-native) EMFs are exponentially increasing, especially in the past 20 years with the advent and proliferation of wireless technologies.  It is particularly striking when you consider that we did not have electricity until about 130 years ago and it was not until the 1940s with the Rural Electrification Project that many American homes had access to electric power.  Prior to that, the only EMFs were sunshine, lightening strikes, the earth’s Schumann resonance and cosmic radiation.   That was it.  Humans were simply not exposed to other frequencies.

Since earth began, there have been 10 to the 14th sunrises and sunsets -- by far the earth’s major player on the electromagnetic spectrum. The light-dark cycle profoundly and specifically influences all life and biological processes.  What follows is just one example of our circadian rhythm.  In darkness, the parasympathetic nervous system dominates and melatonin is secreted and deep restorative sleep ensues.  In anticipation of and in the presence of light, cortisol appears and activates our sympathetic nervous system for the ancient and modern day stresses of survival and daily living. 

The research data on EMFs are strikingly consistent: regardless of frequency, the findings demonstrate that nnEMFs are affecting our physiology in much the same manner as an excess of the natural EMF that mankind evolved with -- light.  Conscious perception is not present but every cell in our body is sensing and responding to EMFs as the primary EMF that historically humans have ever really known.  In short, nnEMFs are light that we cannot see.

We are tied to the sun for health in many ways and it has long been known and is well accepted that light exposure outside of the natural rhythm results in poor health and a variety of problems:  shift workers are at increased odds of diabetes, obesity, autoimmune conditions, cancer…and more.   The data on man-made EMFs (light’s cousin) are not surprisingly, very much the same.

Wireless technologies use the electromagnetic spectrum to send information. The spectrum is heavy with traffic and in the search for more “spectrum real estate”, the move is on to higher frequencies – hence “5G”, or our 5th generation of wireless technology.    Current 4G waves are typically at least 1-2 feet in length and have the ability to travel long distances, turn corners and penetrate surfaces but have the limitations of coverage and information density.   While they have far more information carrying capacity, the physics of 5G waves (think shorter, denser waves - often termed “millimeter” waves) dictate that they don’t travel as far, are poor at turning corners and are limited in penetrating surfaces.  What does this mean?  It means 5G communications are effectively “line of sight” and that there will need to be a transmitters/ repeaters at very frequent intervals (every block or so) and buildings will require new 5g WIFI for interior connectivity.   Our cities will be effectively blanketed with a dense, high frequency “electrosmog” -- as will be buildings and schools interiors that install the 5G WIFI.   EMF exposure is on steroids with 5G technology. 

In the 5G world, we will experience significantly more nnEMF and it will be very difficult if not impossible to limit our daytime exposure.  It is a fact of life that most of us go to work, school and are out and about in our daily lives.  So what are we to do? 

The answer:  Nighttime is our opportunity to limit our nnEMF exposure.  You are (presumably) rooted in one place and you can make changes to mitigate and make safe that sleeping environment.  It is also the natural time that we would be completely EMF free --  remember the light -dark cycle!  No one would ever consider trying to sleep with a strobe light suspended above his or her head – but that is essentially what nnEMFs feel like to your body as they are all pulsatile.  Your body desperately needs a reprieve from nnEMFs and their attendant stimulation, physiologic disruption and cortisol production so that deep restorative sleep can occur.  We must create nnEMF free sleep sanctuaries. 

Three types of EMF need to be addressed in creating the sleep sanctuary.  They are magnetic, electric and RF (wireless) fields.  Magnetic fields typically arise from large exterior power lines, motors and home wiring errors.  While not uncommon, they are not as pervasive as the other two types.   Electric fields come from ordinary wiring inside of the home’s walls, appliances and anything electric.  RF sources are typically from cell towers, home WIFI, cell phones, monitors and blue tooth items.  For a thorough and adequate reprieve from daytime exposure, all nnEMFs must be addressed in the sleep sanctuary. 

Building Biology experts evaluate and mitigate homes against EMF exposure.  In regards to RF (wireless) EMF, they report that the home’s internal sources of EMF are far more intense and problematic than exterior sources.  Consistent with this, they find that by turning off interior WIFI, cell phones and other wireless sources at night, that 90 % of people achieve adequate mitigation of RF fields.  For unusual exterior exposure of 4G wavelengths (which will continue to be utilized in the 5G world) there are paint and fabric shielding solutions.  Whether outdoor 5G millimeter waves will penetrate your homes walls and current shielding solutions is in debate, and unfortunately the meters to assess this are very expensive.

Turning off lights and unplugging electrical items does not eliminate electric fields from the bedroom.  Electric fields exist simply because there is live wiring inside of the home’s walls and these fields extend out approximately 6-8 feet from each wall.  Unless you have a very large bedroom with your bed situated like an island in the middle of the room, you are exposed to electric fields when sleeping.  So, how does one mitigate electric fields to create an EMF free sleep sanctuary?  The answer:  Electric power must be disabled at the home’s main electric panel (typically in the garage or basement).  Not to mention being an inconvenient chore, switching off circuit breakers is not recommended as a long-term strategy from a safety standpoint as well.  The solution to mitigating electric fields lies in installing a cut-off switch.  Our product, the EMF Kill Switch is the only fully assembled cut-off switch currently on the market.  It can be controlled remotely from your bedroom so that mitigation of electric fields is simple and convenient.  It is a robust, UL safety certified product designed for minimum installation time by an electrician.  Electric fields must be addressed for a complete sanctuary solution.  The EMF Kill Switch is a remote cut-off switch that makes electric field mitigation easy, safe and feasible.

So, there you have it!  Technology is rapidly advancing and it is imperative that we find ways to live healthily with it.  Key to that process is understanding and respecting that mankind evolved with the sun as the main EMF force.  The importance of the light-dark or EMFs present-EMFs absent cycle cannot be underestimated.  The sleep sanctuary, absent of wireless and electric EMF fields, is crucial to long-term health.