In EMF remediation, it is imperative that you test the environment -- initially to identify problem areas and afterwards to determine if remediation efforts have indeed been successful.  There are many EMF business sites online where you can purchase, or even rent, meters.  Luckily, for mitigating electric fields with The EMF Kill Switch, the  body voltage meter setup (outlined here) and measurement process is not expensive or difficult.  If you live in a larger city and can afford it, it is always a good idea to hire a professional EMF consultant to evaluate your home.

 In our view, the best authority on acceptable levels of EMF is the International Institute for Building-Biology:    The electric field standards, for your body voltage measurements, are taken from them and noted below:



The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines are based on the precautionary principle.  They are specifically designed for sleeping areas associated with long-term risks and a most sensitive window of opportunity for regeneration.  They are based on the building biology experience and knowledge and focus on achievability.  In addition, scientific studies and other recommendations are also consulted. 

No Concern:  This category provides the highest degree of precaution.  It reflects the unexposed natural conditions or the common and nearly inevitable background level of our modern living environment.

Slight Concern:  As a precaution and especially with regard to sensitive and ill people, remediation should be carried out whenever it is possible.

Severe Concern:  Values in this category are not acceptable from a building biology point of view, they call for action.  Remediation should be carried out soon.  In addition to numerous case histories, scientific studies indicate biological effects and health problems within this reference range.

Extreme Concern:  These values call for immediate and rigorous action.  In this category international guidelines and recommendations for public and occupational exposures may be reached or even exceeded.  If several sources of risk are identified within a single subcategory or for different subcategories, one should be more critical in the final assessment.

Prior to mitigation, we frequently see body voltage values in sleeping areas ranging from 1500 mV to 4000 mV.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 3.38.25 PM.png

Most experienced Building Biologists report that most people do well with body voltage measurements less than 100mV and they consider this the general reccommendation for health preventive measures. For people dealing with health conditions and/or EMF sensitivity, then they typically reccommend that the value be less than 50mV. With the holistic approach to mitigation, we have been able to achieve less than 30mV in our home and in the homes of many people who use our EMF Kill Swith unit and this approach to mitigation.


acceptable levels (pdf)