My Mom asked me to review the "about us" portion of the website and this is what I have to add:  my name is Laura and I work as a public defender and have (had) zero knowledge of EMFs.  I am the daughter of one of the developers of this product -- and honestly, a (former) serious skeptic with regards to this sort of stuff.  What I can tell you is that Dan  and Amy (the inventors) are wholeheartedly dedicated to this product.  My mom is a pediatrician and Dan is an industrial electrician:  they work like the rest of us.  This project has been a labor of love towards an end that they both see as pivotal towards the health of our country.  I mentioned that I work as a public defender and to put it simply their vision for this product is exactly how I see the work that I do:  for the greater good.  I am pleased to introduce Dan and Amy:

Dan has a background in industrial electronics, electrical engineering and manufacturing.  He is the owner of a 508A UL listed industrial panel manufacturing shop and he designs electrical panels and pursues inventing and product development.  He has spent the past year in product revisions of the EMF Kill Switch.  His goal is to make meaningful products that are safety approved, affordable and simple in installation and use for the consumer.  

Amy is a physician with over 30 years of practice.  She has seen very concerning changes in the health of the general population over the span of her career  (That type 2 diabetes in children was never an issue 30 years ago and autism was rare are just two such examples...) and she does not accept the common explanations of diet, diagnostic criteria, etc...   Over the past decade, she has done extensive research  on EMF  and is  increasingly convinced that EMF is playing at the very least a significant contributory effect to the "diseases of civilization". 

Together, Dan and Amy have teamed up to develop something that they are both passionate about.